A guide to being a successful product manager

Creating a product from scratch is a daunting yet exciting task that every product manager looks forward to. Metaphorically comparing, the product is a baby, and the product manager is the parent. From being part of the planning and manufacturing process to executing the marketing strategies, every step of this crucial operation- personally overlooked by the project manager.

It certainly sounds like a big responsibility that one has to bear on their shoulders. To be prepared for this commitment, a project manager has to indoctrinate preponderant skills. These abilities will counsel them to make efficient and effective decisions. Therefore, leaving little or no room for mistakes.

Let us address the five core skills mandatorily needed by a prosperous digital project manager. Below we will discuss and assimilate how these cardinal skills correlate in the practical world through a hypothetical example.

Assume you are Mark, and you’re currently the digital project manager of a gaming application. Your function is to design and launch a game app whose target audience predominantly consists of teenagers. What skills will Mark require to execute this task?


Shrewd digital project managers know how to cut through the white noise and get the affairs in order. Mark should discern and categorize the priorities of the task at hand. For example, Mark should prudently decide which features of the gaming application to be foremost designed.

Manage Tradeoff

Creating something new altogether is risky business. One has to make precarious decisions at every turn of the road, and it won’t stop after launching the product. Mark has to identify the risks before conjuring any conclusions. The steadiest option for Mark is to do meticulous research and perform a cost-benefit analysis. Consequently, it will help him make a well-gr decision and create an ideal gaming experience for his audience.

Create two-way doors

Mark understands that the only way to stay pertinent in the advancing digital world is to advance with it. Mark needs to frequently introduce sui generis features to his test consumers to grow his target audience and keep them engaged. There needs to be backwards compatibility for the optimal functioning of the gaming application.

Ask questions

How can you answer a question correctly if you don’t comprehend it first? Mark wants to design a prominent gaming application. To do this, he has to get to the bottom of the dilemma of constituting a gaming application by investigating his target audience. He can use multiple research strategies like shadowing, testing, etc- to research his consumer’s needs and wants.

Building relationships

Every impeccable leader has strong ties to their fellow peers. Mark, as digital project manager, is at the center of it the development to launch process. Nevertheless, he cannot realistically take on the workload. Mark needs to be able to rely on his fellow peers for exquisitely executing the tasks. Thus, he will have to forge healthy connections with his employees to establish mutual transparency, respect, and trust.

Final Message

Hopefully, with the help of Mark’s story, you have essentially learned some principal skills you will need to imbibe to survive the cut-throat competition between digital project managers. These abilities will inescapably give you the edge you need to become a successful PM in this predominant industry.

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